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A new reader e-mailed me about my SKS mods. During the discussion, he asked about the bolt mod that I did. I told him I would give him some more information with pics about how the bolt hold open system works and the purpose of the bolt mod. I was just going to e-mail it to him but I decided that any information that can be put out there should be made as public as possible…I bet there are other people out there looking for the same info.

As I explained in the Bolt Mod post linked abovethe problem with using detachable magazines with the SKS is that many of the aftermarket mags do not operate the bolt hold open latch.

That means that the bolt does not stay open after the last shot. This is a serious issue because the bolt has rails at the bottom that lock into the feed lips of the magazine. That means that, to change mags after the last shot, you have to open the bolt and hold it open with one hand while using the other two hands to operate the magazine release catch, remove the dry magazine and insert a fresh one, then the bolt can be released again.

Actually, you can do it with only two hands, as long as you are independently wealthy and can afford to replace all the magazines you beat up by dumping them on the deck when changing mags. Either way, this is an issue.

All you do is grind off the rails at the bottom of the bolt that catch on the magazine feed lips. That enables you to change mags without opening the bolt.

It is not truly a fix because there are still issues. With a fully loaded mag, this is often very difficult if not impossible.

Some magazines feed lips allow the rounds to move around too much which causes the top round to shift and jam up the works when attempting to insert a loaded mag with the bolt closed. Having the mod is better than not having it but it is not utopia. Lo and behold, at least on my rifle, the Tapco mag actually operates the bolt hold open latch. Once the last round is stripped into the chamber, the tail sticks up as high as it will ever go. After that last round is fired and the bolt cycles back, the bolt hold open latch is pushed into the bolts path.

When the recoil spring pushes the bolt forward, the face of the bolt catches on the latch, locking the bolt open. This is with the bolt locked back. The bolt hold open latch is in the way of the bolt, the bolt is making contact with the latch at the arrow, holding it from moving any farther forward. There is a small metal tab on the face of the bolt hold open latch.

The bolt hold open latch is actually held in the unlocked position by a weak spring. It is the tension of the bolt, being held firmly against the latch by the tension of the recoil spring, that keeps the hold open latch in the locked position. To release the bolt, all you have to do is pull slightly back on it, as soon as the tension on the latch is released, the spring will push it out of the way of the bolt in the direction of the arrow and the bolt will close.

To lock the bolt open without a magazine inserted, put your finger up into the rear of the magazine well. You should be able to feel the tab sticking off the bolt hold open latch.

Pull the bolt to the rear while putting upward pressure on the latch, as soon as the bolt clears the latch, the latch will slide up and the bolt can be released. It will catch on the bolt hold open latch thereby locking the bolt open. This is a different perspective with the bolt locked open again. The pencil is pointing to the hold open latch.

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Again with the bolt closed, the pencil is pointing at the latch.Log in or Sign up. Mar 17, 1. First, the requisite disclaimers that are necessary in today's world: This should not be construed as professional legal advice. This is the result of years of accumulating knowledge on the subject.

Legal advice will confirm these laws but here they are all in a straightforward form so you know what to confirm should you require professional legal counsel. The good news is that yes, some things are legal that were not during the ban. The bad news is that not every law restricting modification to an SKS has expired. Here are the basic four major federal gun laws of the 20th century: National Firearms Act NFA - Forces rifles, shotguns, and pistols into narrow categories based on length of barrel and overall, and the presense of a stock.

While extensive, its application to the SKS is brief. Basically as a rifle it must have a barrel length of at least 16" including any permament attachment to the barrel measured from the bolt face with the bolt closed.

Stick a rod down the barrel and measure how deep it goes, and then add a bit for good measure, that's how the BATF measures it. There is no way to exempt it from these requirements by classifying it as a pistol since it was originally made as a rifle.

sks bolt modification

The NFA also restricts silencers. Do not think of ever making an SKS fully automatic. It is also restricted under the NFA but has been illegal period since It is also extremely unsafe as most full auto mods to the SKS involve disabling mechanisms that prevent it from firing out of battery a very dangerous thing.

Man vs Gun - SKS 16" with Tapco Stock

Even if safe, the SKS was not built for sustained rapid fire. The Palestinians tried modding them for this, in battle their SKSs promptly caught fire. In summary: Keep your SKS barrel at 16", overall length 26", buy your silencers legally and be prepared for taxes and paperwork, and tell anyone who suggests making an SKS full auto to stay far away from you. No specific restrictiosn based on features but it creates the powers later used to make subsequent abusive restrictions based on features.

Reasons for banning dramatically increased during the Clinton Administration. Every couple years they added something on, so you'll find plenty of grandfathered guns that predate one redefinition or another, from banning pistol grips, bayonets not lugsfolding stocks, then later to military magazines. If you get one you cannot change its features and still comply with this law. The good news is that this law can be avoided by making your gun count as US made.

At one point, a person could assemble a banned rifle from imported parts without trouble. At another point, any imported part made a rifle count as imported and subject to restrictions. In order to prevent easy assembly from parts but not criminalize a German screw in your AR, they came up with a list of 20 parts that count.

Of these 20 parts, one may have ten or less for it to count as US made.

SKS Bolt Mod?

If the gun never had it to begin with, you're basically one part ahead. This list consists of: 1.Log in or Sign up. Jan 7, 1. So I'v been thinking a lot about a norico sks I picked up awhile ago.

I have a yugo as well. And one of the frustrating things for me was always the need to have the bolt open when replacing a detachable mag.

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I'v been wondering if anyone has ever thought about modifying the bolt slightly so that it wouldn't be an issue? I don't have my norinco with me so I have to go off of memory of the bolt design but if you were to remove the action and bottom metal from the stock partial inserted a detachable mag and scribed a line along the bottom of the bolt and removed only enough metal To allow the removal and insertion of a detachable mag.

Would it still function correctly? I'm not saying remove the entire rails on the bottom but basicly make a cut out to allow the mag lips to pass through a closed bolt. I'm thinking that the cut outs would be short enough that it wouldn't affect the bolts movement in the reciver.

Anyone have any thoughts? Or thought about doing this? Jan 7, 2. I don't have an sks currently to look at. I'd be concerned about the amount of metal that may need to be removed weakening areas along the rails, and the possible need to remove metal from the central part of the bolt that could then make stripping rounds from the mags a problem.

Does the bolt stay open on the last shot with the detachable mags that you have? If so, I would think it's not a big problem. With an AK the bolt doesn't stay open, so you have to charge after a mag change, unless you were swapping before empty.

I'm not much of a fan of detachable mags on the SKS, so that is why I'm a bit limited on good info for you. Last edited: Jan 7, Jan 9, 3. Again, just going off of memory of the way the mags work with the bolt.Along with stock items readily available in our Etsy store we can create or modify your existing parts. Please C ontact Us with custom needs or visit our Etsy store to purchase inventory itmes.

This item is machined from billet stainless steel. The opposite faces of each medallion are machined to reflect the shape of a bullet casing head stamp. This kit is designed to lock tight onto the ridges and contours of the mag.

This kit is offered in anodized black. Billet aluminum clamp kit custom machined to fit Tapco AK Mags. This kit is designed to lock tight to the ridges and contours of the mag.

This kit is anodized black. With no good Magpul type options for AK magazines we decided to create our own. These plates are machined from aluminum and labeled USA for R compliance. This all stainless kit has a custom machined single point sling mount for the Tapco Intrafuse stock set.

SKS bolt custom polished. We debur your factory bolt and hand polish it to a chrome like finish. A visual example of our machine work for a SKS drop free bolt mod. This will allow for the insertion of a detachable magazine with the bolt closed. Our extended mag releases are machined from billet stainless steel. They are a universal fit for every SKS variant.

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These are primarily found for sale in our ebay listings. Chrome like polishing can be added upon request. Pictured here is a Chinese stamped trigger group. PIctured here is a custom version of our SKS mag release.

The pictured text is in Russian.Log in or Sign up. SKS Bolt Mod? Jan 20, 1. Why would you need to modify the bolt for external mags? Can this screw up the bolt?

sks bolt modification

Grinding involved? Jan 20, 2. Any thing like links, picture of the mod. Jan 20, 3. Jan 20, 4. Jan 20, 5. Jan 20, 6. Jan 20, 7. Jan 20, 8. I think the bolt needs the mod to run AK mags MaryBJan 20, Jan 20, 9. OldOutlawJan 20, Jan 20, Merle likes this. My SKS works exactly like the one in the beginning of the video. To install the mag, the bolt has to be locked open or held open.

It isn't a big deal. I guess if you were in a combat situation and needed to quickly reload a lot of mags it would be an issue. That's why they have stripper clips. With the stock SKS built in mag one quick hit and all 10 are loaded. And when you pull out the empty clip the bolt releases and the first round is already loaded. Jan 21, Last edited: Jan 21, OldOutlawJan 21, Prices on all SKS is out of site and just going higher.

On GB, these get a lot of bids on any nice one. Now, that guy should throw in a Tapco 20 rounder or two for his price.

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OldOutlaw likes this. I just look at them as Mosins. Cheap as hell and begging to be modded. Maybe I should explain myself better.However, there are many ways to improve on this weapon, and some of them include upgrading parts and installing accessories for better functionality. In this article, we'll explore the wide variety of accessories that are suitable for your SKS and explain which of them are important to upgrade first.

We'll also share the top recommended accessories that will make your SKS shooting experience amazing. SKS Source. For its innovative design and simplicity that were used in service for decades, the SKS does have some quirks that make it less than optimal compared to modern firearms.

The SKS, depending on the country of manufacture, and on the exact model screw or pinned barrel, etc. Its magazine can be upgraded for detachable mags, and a better sight system can be added to improve accuracy. Besides the use of stripper mags for reloading, the SKS also lacks quality sights, and the factory stock is a not.

Some owners of the SKS complain about the length of the factory stockthat is short enough to affect accuracy. The ability to adjust the length of pull is also lacking in the SKS. Adding a recoil pad for the purpose of increasing the stock length and reducing shoulder pain is a commonly recommended change. The stripper clips for the SKS only hold 10 rounds, but the newly designed magazines allow conversion of the SKS to a magazine fed rifle as opposed to top loaded.

It does require some filing and modification to the factory wood stock, but the result is a convenient and modern rifle. The SKS lacks scope mounts and a scopebut comes with sights. However, not all users are comfortable with them, and if you want to mount a scope, it is definitely an upgrade that will improve both accuracy and shooting results. Due to the design of the SKS being superseded by modern firearms, SKS enthusiasts looking for accessories will find several options to improve their rifle.

A lot of new users were happy that this magazine gave them enough firing power to work with. The magazine was quite sturdy and did not break apart when hitting hard surfaces.

One user said that he used this for a target shooting session and was able to purchase extras. If you want a magazine with a good amount of shooting power to work with, this is the one that you should get. In fact, 20 rounds are usually the default number for many SKS magazines. This rugged and convenient molded-polymer magazine frees you from the hassle of the SKS old-fashioned stripper clips and upgrades the rifle with a modern detachable box magazine.

It has been designed to work reliably, specifically for the SKS. The magazine is made from corrosion-proof, reinforced black polymer which is self-lubricating to ensure smooth, snag-free movement of the follower.

The horizontal exterior ribbing provides an excellent gripping surface. The magazine holds 20 rounds of 7. This will be perfect for those who are looking for a magazine that will be excellent for any application that is deemed necessary. Hunting, target shooting, and competitive shooting will be your likely options.

And with 20 rounds at your disposal with each magazine, the fun never ends when you shoot your SKS until you run out of them of course. If you want the convenience of a modern detachable magazine in your SKS, consider upgrading to this round magazine from Tapco.

sks bolt modification

It is well designed and robust, ensuring a smooth experience when loading and reloading your gun.It is a great addition to the SKS without taking away the mil sure look. Simple and effective. Kivaari trigger — The SKS trigger pull tends to vary depending on the individual rifle, however if you are a proud owner of a SKS with a poor trigger pull then having the trigger reworked can do wonders for the shootability and accuracy of your weapon.

He has put together some information on the SKS trigger here. Spring loaded firing pin — The firing pin on the SKS was built to stand up to military ammo with hard primers. Commercial grade ammo that you purchase today have softer primers and are therefore prone to slam fires. To alleviate this issue a spring loaded firing pin can be used to soften the firing pin blow. This will require some filing and modification to the factory wood stock, but the reviews for the magazine have been very good, as expected with Tapco.

Recoil pad for length — From an accuracy standpoint, one of the complaints is the length of the factory stock. Adding a recoil pad for the purpose of increasing stock length and reducing shoulder pain is a commonly recommended change. Clean bolt — It is easy to assume that if you purchased a clean SKS that the cosmoline was also removed from the bolt, but one should not take the easy way out. Remove your bolt and shake it.

sks bolt modification

You should hear the firing pin rattle. Disassemble the bolt and boil the components in a mixture of Simple Green and water for an hour. Put it back together and check to see if the rattling ensues upon shaking. Bed the Stock — The receiver of your rifle being loose can cause slight movement that will affect the accuracy of your SKS. Using a product like acraglass is the recommended starting point to getting rid of these movements.

Be sure to follow the directions because the process gets messy, literally and figuratively. Re-Crown the Barrel — This should only need to be done if the end of the barrel is corroded or has been abused. Doing this to a barrel that needs it will improve accuracy.

You can find more about it here. Quality ammo can help you increase accuracy and enjoy your shooting experience. As far as Combat Knives are concerned. Both are top notch brands and while not Russian, will surely be a quality addition to your collection to use alongside your SKS. Check out our list of the best combat knives.